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5th & 6TH APRIL, 2019

Neo Vida - Voyage

Neo Vida, a Sunshine Coast dance company presents “Voyage” By celebrating painters and combining the definitions of artists across media and performance art, Neo Vida’s performance of “Voyage” has begun.

“Voyage” translates the subject matter or narrative content of varied paintings into an expression of dance choreographies. The paintings will be our inspiration and storyline for our production. Costumes and characters within the dance will be evoking the figures, landscapes or emotions in the paintings and will faithfully refer to the textures and colours of the chosen artwork. This will create beautiful images on stage that are dance in a different sense.

Elite and professional dancers will throw a show with brilliantly complex dance artforms which will deliver a compelling authentic drama. A show you can’t miss! Get your tickets now at the J Theatre.

Past Productions

Neo Vida - Control

Neo Vida, a Sunshine Coast dance company presents “Control” a soulful modern dance sequences, which express and deliver emotional movements in a manner that is relatable to the audience and humanity alike.

This is such a potent way to illustrate battles we all fight, whether against literal physical forces that would seek to command our actions or otherwise the internal wars we strive against via attitudes that can dictate how we act in bad ways unless we stand firm and flee from them.

All choreographies present the after effects and shakes of the current scenarios that are happening in the world and the control that takes over in their own way and how we battle and win to be free and happy.

Elite and professional dancers will throw a show with brilliantly complex dance artforms which will deliver a compelling authentic drama. A show you can’t miss! Get your tickets now at the J Theatre. PG – Parent Guidance Advised. It may Contain Graphic Content that may be upsetting to some viewers.

About Brooklyn

Who We Are - Sunshine Coast Dance Company

Who We Are - Sunshine Coast Dance Company

We are a Sunshine Coast based dance company called Neo Vida, which translates to “living your life in the now”. This company was founded by me, Patricia Jar, for the purpose of creating, performing and producing dance works for and with our local community. The company performs dance works developed with emphasis on modern dance movements influenced by European and Australian art forms. This ongoing project will develop the arts on the Sunshine Coast and fill a gap for performance artists. The company’s goals are to help support local elite dancers live their passion for dance and give them the opportunity to perform and follow their dream. Our mission statement reflects the belief of all company members:
“Dance is a conversation between body and soul – a universal language all can understand”

The company offers a platform for dancers to find their artistic voice by providing a nurturing and supportive environment to learn and perform. My vision is to create an artistic, passionate and thriving dance community, where individuality is accepted and celebrated. Much of the choreography is created with the dancers’ input in order to support and encourage them to develop and practice their creative endeavors. Sharing our passion for dance and individualism gives rise to personal development and, ultimately, enjoyment. This then inspires our dancers to excel as creators of art in their own right.

In addition, Neo Vida is hoping to reach out to the community by offering youth and adult classes to explore new ideas and to teach current repertoire from our dance works.

We have been collaborating with Daniel Ray, a photographer who also explores with visual arts and are hoping to get more local artists, designers and musicians involved in our projects. We are all about collaborating and we hope we can bring the community together and develop the art in the coast.

About Brooklyn

The Crew

We believe in a diverse range of personalities and backgrounds to bring creative skills,
thoughts, and ideas to the table.


Patricia Jar

Dancer, Director, choreographer

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Maddie Cornwall


Abby 2

Abby Cutlack



Aimee Radford


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Kaela Stevens



Lachlan Hill


Dance is a conversation between body and soul…..

Great Dancers aren’t great dancers because of their technique, its because of their passion!


Neo Vida Sunshine Coast Dance Company

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Being part of the team

The Sunshine Coast dance company, Neo Vida, has been designed to help introduce inspiring young dancers into the world of dance. The main focus is to give the opportunity to elite and professional dancers on the sunshine coast to perform again and create art. Which will assist in developing self-esteem, self-respect and respect for the arts.

The dancers will train several days a week, too work on different dance styles, creating choreographies and working towards performances. The goal is to take the performances nationally and internationally.

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The goal of this dance company is to support the passion of local elite dancers, dance teachers and artists by giving them the opportunity to perform. With the Australian dance industry gaining popularity in participation but limited in job growth, many Sunshine Coast dancers are not able to recognise their goals with regard to their dance ambitions. The absence of performance opportunity within the community is a gap that Neo Vida can fill by offering and supporting individual professional development opportunities. After a successful performance of “Control” in August 2017 in Caloundra, Neo Vida has already demonstrated the popularity, interest and support of the public while simultaneously giving our dancers exposure and performance opportunity.

As the founder of Neo Vida, I believe it is important for dancers to collaborate within our region. We are eager to continue to engage with our local community through our dance works and we ask for your help to assist Neo Vida to develop further, to continue to offer ongoing performing opportunities for our passionate dancers on the Sunshine Coast. The company is the first of its kind and will need support to sustain the innovative work it is doing. Up until now, it is the dancers who have willingly volunteered their time and have helped to raise money in order to sustain the company. No doubt, our dedicated team will continue to do all we can to promote our art form and share our creativity with the public. Our dream is not only to share our dance works with the local community but to tour beyond the Sunshine Coast to reach a wider audience, making contemporary dance more accessible and meaningful to them.

We hope for your support. Please donate now to help our company grow and evolve.

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Neo Vida News

Neo Vida NEWS!


The only dance company in our region is putting the finishing touches on its debut performance.It has been a long time coming for the Neovida Dance Company. The group has been rehearsing, since last year.

Posted by WIN News Sunshine Coast on Thursday, 5 April 2018
Neo Vida News

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