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Posted by Neovida on Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Hi Guys,

Our first News Feed!

My name is Patricia Jar and I am the Artistic Director of the contemporary dance company NeoVida based in the Sunshine coast. It is a new company that is trying to share the love and passion for dance with the community.

We are a dance company called NeoVida, Cosmo dance company, based in the Sunshine Coast. 

The company exists for the purpose of creating, performing and producing dance works. NeoVida and its artwork are created by me (Patricia Jar) and incorporation with the dancers. The company exists of 6 dancers at the moment.

We emphasise the creation of new works, but from a classic and contemporary background. We strongly believe that dance is a way of living life and a universal language that brings everyone together.
In addition, the company’s goal is to develop and perform dance works with emphasis on modern dance forms influenced by European and Australian dance cultures. Sharing our passion for dance and individualism as well as for personal development and enjoyment.
We are still looking for more talented and passionate dancers to join our crew. Please contact us if interested.


Performing date!

Our next performing date will take place on the 15th of July!

If you are interested in tickets please get in contact through the email form on our website:

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