5th and 6th April



By celebrating painters and combining the definitions of artists across media and performance art, Neo Vida’s performance of “Voyage” has begun.

The concept of “Voyage” translates the subject matter or narrative content of varied paintings into an expression of dance choreographies. The paintings are the inspiration and storyline for the production. Costumes and characters within the dance will be evoking the figures, landscapes or emotions in the paintings and will be faithfully referred to the textures and colours of the chosen artwork. This will create beautiful images on stage that are dance in a different sense.

It is going to be an extremely exciting show, where well known images are translated in the essence through dance. The dancers will throw a show with brilliantly complex dance art forms which will deliver a compelling performance. A show you can’t miss!

The paintings are combined with the dance choreographies, lighting and costumes, the aim is that the audience’s vision of the painting will be enriched.  Using projectors, paintings and performance art, Neo Vida brings enrichment to the art form. This event will promote the growth as an independent dance company and showcase local talent.

By bringing paintings and dance together, audiences of each separate art form will be introduced to each other by developing an interest and an appreciation in the balance of both. By embracing and inviting a different audience, Neo Vida offers the opportunity for “Voyage” to bring together different areas of the cultural community on the Sunshine Coast.



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